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Live it up with your Living Room!


The Winter season is fast approaching, a time when most people want to just feel the warmth of the season, what better way to create this atmosphere than with a cozy living room.  Whether you want to entertain, relax and curl up to your favourite book, or watch that good old Hockey Game.  Your living room space is an expression of you, and you can transform it easily with a few design tips.

Whether your style is classic, traditional, contemporary, rustic or a mix of everything, colour, textured fabrics, wall coverings, area rugs and fireplaces are all great accent pieces that can create your living space.

  1. Add some colour to create the atmosphere

Colour can dictate so much.  It creates the mood, ambiance and feeling of a room, it can also affect how we feel.  Colours range from warm to cool tones and depending on their intensity this help create the mood of your home.  Whether you want your space to scream energy, intensity, calmness or relaxation, choose colours that inspire you!

After a stressful day there is nothing more relaxing than sitting down with a glass of wine in your comfy accent chair and plush area rug under foot.  The walls are painted a subtle touch of blue and the white crisp lines promote a sense of freshness and vitality.  What a wonderful way to end that busy Wednesday!

  1. Durable, comfortable flooring

There is no doubt when it comes to our floors, we need durability as well as comfort and style.  Our Floors are a very important part of our design.  Floors can provide warmth not just with product but with colour.  For a more traditional look, engineered hardwood can make your home feel very classy, whether you decided on a rustic, wide planked board, or a more traditional look, your floors will hold their value and add a richness to the room.

Don’t forget to add your own personal touch and style with the addition of an area rug.  Add warmth, texture and colour with ease.  Hot Tip!  From season to season by changing up your area rug you give your room a whole new look with very little cost!

  1. Your room should have a focal point

Anyone who walks into your room must be drawn into the space.  As we know many people love their TV and that sometimes becomes the focal point.  With many options out there today, you can add wall mounted fireplace underneath your TV.  By pairing these two up you get the best of both worlds.  Practicality and design.  Don’t forget that piece of art work that brings the room together.  Accessories help to bring life to your room and help create a space that is as unique as you are.

  1. Placement of Furniture

This is so important in a room.  Whether your space is small or large it must always be inviting.  When you have a gathering at your home with friends and family you want everyone to feel comfortable.  You want everyone to be included into the conversation.  Placement of your furniture encourages people to converse, laugh and have fun.  Ottomans are multifunctional pieces of furniture that allow you to use them as a coffee table, or extra seating.  Great for small spaces as well!  Design your ottoman your way with different fabrics that add a touch of glam to your room.

Don’t forget the lighting, so very important to create the ambiance.  Accent table lamps, floor lamps or wall scones add a touch of warmth to your living space.

  1. Don’t forget the Windows? But don’t make a better door than a window.

Years ago, all we wanted to do is cover all our windows with blinds that gave privacy.  Things are different today.  We still want our privacy, but we want a light an airy look.  With so many selections in window treatment you can have the best of both worlds.  Custom Drapery allows the window to be exposed but still add elements of colour and design.  Choose fabrics that have texture, weight and colour.  Dress up your window don’t hide it!

  1. I love my TV – Create a Media room with custom cabinetry

You don’t have to compromise between having a TV/Media room and Design, you can have both.  Create a space with custom cabinetry that adds that personal detail.  Built in cabinets allow you to build it your way.  It creates more storage solutions, lighting can be added for extra detail, cabinets can be fit for small or larger spaces.  Your TV can now fit into your new custom-built cabinet and the focal point of your room is unlike anyone else’s.

  1. Light it Up!

Lighting should be relaxed and subtle in a living room.  You want guests to feel relaxed and comfortable, unless you are planning a Disco night!  Light position is very important, the rule of thumb is they should form a triangle so that the distribution of the light reflect properly and give balance to the room.  We want to encourage our guests to sit, so table lamps offer that feeling to a room.  There is nothing better than accenting a room with a unique lamp!

  1. Mirrors and Wall Art – Don’t forget to Accessorize

Our living space needs to look lived in, not bare.  Bring your space to life with collections of art, mirrors or what ever makes the space your own.  Make sure you group the wall hangings in such a way that creates and impact when you walk into the room.  Make sure that they aren’t hung too high or too low, it will take away from the entire room.   For instance, it you wish to hang a group of collections behind your sofa to create that personal touch, it is important to make sure that the bottom of the art is about 8 – 10” above the back of the sofa.


Live, laugh and Love your Living Room!