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Carpet in Beamsville, ON

Create a warm and inviting space with our selection of wall-to-wall carpet. We offer various styles, designs, and colours to suit your personal taste, budget, and functional needs. Spruce up your dining room, add a touch of luxury to your bedroom, or create a tranquil space for relaxation in your living room. With carpet, the possibilities are endless.

Carpet flooring | Lincoln Design House

Types of carpet


Cut pile carpet is the most popular type, featuring sheared fiber strands with exposed ends. It’s available in a variety of lengths and thicknesses, so you’ll have a range of options to choose from. The twist of individual strands in cut pile is key when making a decision—a tighter, heavier twist will add texture and durability to your carpet to help it stand up to matting and crushing.

Loop pile, on the other hand, features un-sheared loops of fiber that create opportunities for pattern and texture in addition to adding extra durability. Tight, heavily twisted loops offer more resistance to matting and crushing. Just be careful not to snag any loops, as this can cause damage to your carpet.

Cut & loop pile is a combination of the two above types of carpet. It has both sheared and un-sheared fibers, which results in patterned surfaces with artistic texture.

No single type of carpet is better than the others—it all comes down to personal design preference.

Carpet Styles

While carpet is categorized by construction, it can also be broken down by style and appearance. At Lincoln Design House, we offer many styles. Hover over these four samples of our most popular kinds for more information.

  • Carpet pattern | Lincoln Design House


    Patterned carpet often results from cut and loop pile construction. As the name implies, it can vary in appearance, often displaying dramatic and bold designs. As a bonus, it handles traffic well.

  • Carpet texture | Lincoln Design House


    Textured carpet is plush with long strands. It's super soft and casual-looking, so it works well in any room. It's one of our most popular styles!

  • Carpet loop | Lincoln Design House


    Loop pile results in a clean, low-profile look that handles foot traffic well. This style is common in homes, hotels, and offices alike.

  • Carpet twist | Lincoln Design House

    Frieze (Twist)

    Frieze, also known as twist, has a crimped look at a relaxed feel. Its long, twisted strands create dimension while adding visual interest and a slight "bounce" underfoot.

Mannington Laminate flooring | Lincoln Design House

Need some flooring inspiration?

Take a look at our inspiration gallery to see the latest trends in carpet, hardwood flooring, laminate flooring, vinyl flooring, tile, and more!


Many people have heard that carpet is bad for people with allergies or asthma. Actually, the opposite is true. Carpet traps allergens within its fibers, keeping them out of the air. Then, you simply vacuum them away. Regularly vacuumed carpet improves the air quality in your home.

Lincoln Design House is proud to offer several nylon and polyester carpet styles by Shaw Floors that feature the brand’s exclusive stain and soil resistance technology. This technology repels liquids and other spills from penetrating through. We also offer carpets with Shaw's LifeGuard spill-proof backing for extra protection!

Carpet padding is not a necessity. However, we will always recommend it! Carpet padding is placed underneath your carpet during installation, adding extra cushion and comfort along with additional insulation. The thicker the padding, the more comfort and insulation.