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Laminate Care & Maintenance

Protect your laminate flooring for the long haul!

While caring for your laminate flooring is a breeze, it's still important to use the correct techniques and cleaning products to prevent damage. Find out how to care for your laminate flooring to keep it looking beautiful for a long time.

Everyday care & maintenance

Start by incorporating some preventative maintenance. Remove outdoor shoes before walking across your flooring so you don't track dirt inside your home. Take care when moving furniture and consider using furniture pads to keep your floors from getting scratched or dented over time. Regularly vacuum using a manufacturer-approved appliance and mop (dry or wet) as needed. Take care when using a wet mop, as laminate flooring is not fully waterproof.

Dealing with spills & stains

For common liquid-based stains such as wine, juice, and pet accidents, simply use a clean cloth and wipe the mess away. Be sure to address liquid spills right away, as laminate flooring is prone to moisture damage over time. For more difficult stains, such as wax or oil-based stains, refer to your manufacturer's cleaning guidelines. If you need to use any cleaning products, make sure they are also manufacturer-approved so you do not damage your flooring.

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