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Vinyl Care & Maintenance

Keep your vinyl flooring in top shape!

Vinyl is the perfect floor for busy families and business owners alike. It is scuff- and dent-resistant as well as waterproof, and it withstands heavy traffic with ease. However, there are a few care and maintenance tasks you should incorporate into your daily routine to keep your flooring looking and performing its best for the long haul.

Everyday care & maintenance

For daily upkeep, we recommend sweeping and vacuuming as often as is needed. You should also place all heavy furniture on protective mats and take care when moving it across your flooring. Consider investing in doormats and place them strategically around your home to keep dirt off of your flooring.

Dealing with spills & stains

While today's vinyl flooring is waterproof, making it ideal for bathrooms and kitchens, you'll still want to address spills right away. Liquid spills, such as wine and pet accidents, can be wiped away with a clean cloth. For more comprehensive spills, you may wish to refer to your manufacturer's care guidelines. When using a cleaning solution, make sure it is manufacturer-approved and make sure you spray and wipe dry according to the product's instructions.

Spilled juice on Vinyl floor | Lincoln Design House